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We have turned online orders off - please email us so we can book you in

Order Online

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Step 1 - Video Tutorial

Watch our easy step guide on how to order your delicious food. 

View Video

Step 2 - Check Availability

Scroll through our google calendar and see if we're available to process your order for that day before you book. 

Step 3 - Order your cake and buffets

Book and order your cakes and buffet in the ordering system below. Make an account on Facebook for your order history.

Note: Cakes are only available for pick up. Click on the pick up button to view cakes

Step 4 - Understanding payment 

If your event is less than 14 days you'll need to pay in full. Anything over you can choose to pay a deposit or pay in full. 

Please pay remaining balance 14 days before the balance is due.

"For cake orders click on the cart button and select pick up"

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